Pass system majestic care

Majestic Care Northwest is proud to announce that it is now using the PASS System to log our service user care plans. You can now track the care that your loved one is receiving, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that care is up to date and being completed to our high standards.

The PASS System is an electronic planning and care notes system that is accessible via your phone, computer or tablet. This initiative will replace the need for care visits and care plans to be documented in paper form and improve communication between carers, our office staff and most importantly the family and friends of those being cared for by Majestic Care Northwest. Ultimately this will help us provide even greater care and improve on our already high standards.

Through the PASS system all of the Care Plan, previous notes and medical records are available to our carers through the convenience of a mobile phone or tablet ensuring any changes in medication via the pharmacy of surgery can be communicated immediately. It also allows us to monitor the time keeping, professionalism and quality of care that our carers provide and make adjustments if required.

If you would like more information on the PASS system please E-Mail us HERE or ring 01282 450043