About Us

Our server user guide outlines the care that we deliver and how we are organised to provide that care. The guide also gives a general overview of the different facilities, services, and practices adopted to implement the efficient delivery of care needs.

Our primary aim is to provide consistently high standards of professional care in order that those we care for can live their lives as fully as possible with their individuality, independence and dignity are respected and upheld at all times.Majestic Care Northwest

We have a holistic, person centred approach which enables and encourages our service users to live a lifestyle of their choosing as far as is practical. We will ensure that all support workers will act in a manner which respects the privacy, dignity and lifestyle of the service users with due regard to their personal circumstances and confidentiality of information relating to the service user.

We will maintain a relationship between service users and support workers which give mutual respect, tolerance and understanding will demonstrate effective non-discriminatory support that embraces and values the diversity of all individuals.

Majestic Care Northwest

Our Commitment to You

  • Understand our service user’s needs – Train and motivate our support workers
  • Promote the best care value – Responsive and adaptable approach to care

Majestic Care Northwest Ltd is dedicated to providing service users with available services by providing you with the reassurance that all our staff meets the national quality standards in line with the Care Quality Commission.

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